Veganuary and Haywards Heath Town Council

Haywards Heath Town Council is encouraging the community to try plant-based foods in January in its drive to help the environment and the health of its community.  Town Councillors will be joining the Veganuary pledge which in 2021 saw over half a million people ditching meat for the month of January whilst trying out a range of plant based vegan foods.

We have created this page to provide information and resources to highlight the benefits of trying vegan food. 

Veganuary began as a 'Go Vegan for 31 Day Challenge' in 2014 and is a brilliant way to try vegan food for your health, finances and the environment.  Listed below are links to sites and resources to help you try vegan food.
UK Workplace Challenge Guide
Sustainable Eating is Cheaper & Healthier Article
Food Choice vs Eating Local Article
Plant Based Treaty
Vegan Recipes
 Independent Vegan Food Suppliers/Venues