Welcome to Haywards Heath Town Council

Welcome to Haywards Heath Town Council.  Please use this site to find information on Council services, Council news, local events and your local community.

Haywards Heath Annual Town Meeting Announcement 

This is a meeting of the electorate of Haywards Heath and you are welcome to ask questions of the Town Council if you are resident. It would be appreciated that your question be sent to town.clerk@haywardsheath.gov.uk before 12pm on the day of the meeting.


Haywards Heath Town Council – A plan for the future – July 2023


The Town Council, by review, has developed its corporate priorities, which are presented through the visionary green paper entitled 'Haywards Heath Town Council – A plan for the future – July 2023.

This document was considered by the Town Council at a meeting of Full Council on the 24th July 2023 and became formal Town Council policy, to support the Council's Neighbourhood Plan, and becomes the Council's guiding document for Town Council policies and project development.    To view this document please click here.

Council & Committee Meetings