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Haywards Heath Town Council owns four allotment sites in the Town. Two are are managed by the Town Council ( America Lane and Oathall Avenue), with Vale Road and Summerhill Lane managed by independent allotment associations.

Allotment Site Maps
America Lane
Oathall Avenue
Vale Road - Vale Road Allotment Society website
Summerhill Lane

How to get in touch
Telephone: 01444 455694


Allotment Forum

The Haywards Heath Allotment Forum is a free message board set up and maintained by allotments users. It is great for tips, news of issues affecting the allotment sites, details of social meetings and events and provides the opportunity to chat and exchange ideas with other gardeners. It allows you to post your own ideas and tips and share your gardening experiences with fellow allotment users.

To join the forum, please register at