Annual Town Meeting to be held by Zoom on 19th April at 7.30pm

Published: 10 March 2021

Press Release 10 March 2021

Annual Town Meeting for Haywards Heath to be held by Zoom

The Annual Town Meeting for Haywards Heath will be very different this year as it will be held via ZOOM. Haywards Heath Town Council will be hosting the Annual Meeting of the Town of Haywards on Monday 19th April 2021 commencing at 7.30pm.

image of Annual Town Meeting Details

Cllr Alastair McPherson, Town Mayor of Haywards Heath Town Council comments:

To protect the community of Haywards Heath and in line with Government guidelines, we will this year be holding the Annual Town Meeting for Haywards Heath via ZOOM. Everyone is very welcome to attend via zoom but we are asking those wishing to attend to register before the meeting and that any questions to be raised at the meeting are sent to the Town Council in advance of the meeting.

Please complete your registration by phone on 07384289668 or by email to The log on details, agenda and papers for the meeting will be sent to you directly in advance of the meeting. All registrations to attend and questions must be submitted by 12pm on the 19th April 2021. Arrangements for the presentation of any questions will be sent to the individual directly.

Please be assured that the Town Council is looking at how it can accommodate those who do not have access to the internet, but during these challenging times we are trying work within the law and legislation that will allow us to hold this meeting.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Annual Town Meeting but please do not hesitate to contact the Town Council if you require any assistance in registering.”

Please note: owing to the complexities of admitting people within the timescales for a 7.30pm start of the meeting, if you do are not registered to attend, then you may not be admitted. Strictly no admission will be made after 7.30pm even if you are registered, so please do not be late if you wish to attend the meeting.