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For further information on the Fourm please email town.clerk@haywardsheath.gov.uk, call the Town Hall or find the Town Council on Facebook at Haywards Sports Forum and twitter at #hhsportsforum.

Purpose of the Haywards Heath: The Sports Forum's aim is to act as an advisory, consultative and co-ordinating body on behalf of Haywards Heath Town Council together to work with Mid Sussex District Council, Sport England, Active Sussex, the Sports Clubs based in the Town and surrounding environs, Schools and other interested organisations in the town. The Sports Forum is based on the following 'Terms of Reference' and offers members the opportunity to share information and express their views on current sporting issues.  The Forum is open to the public and there are no restrictions to the number of members. New members are always welcomed.  

The work of the Sports Forum is managed by an executive committee made up of individuals nominated at a meetimg of the Forum dated 27th July 2016 .

Strategy: The Town Council in conjunction with the Sports Forum had developed a 'Haywards Heath Sports Strategy'.  Through the creation of the Strategy a 'Facilties Database' and 'Club Directory' have also been created.  On the left hand side you see links to useful information and Town Sporting events.

We have recently launched the Haywards Heath Sports 'Forum',  'Please click here join the group and register', which we hope will provide a space for sports clubs and organisations to share information, knowledge and experience on all kinds of matters.  The 'Forum' has platforms, in addition to an open Forum on the following matters;

  • Funding,
  • Volunteering,
  • Safeguarding,
  • Training,
  • National Governing Bodies,
  • Active Sussex

The order of these matters can be shuffled at any time and the Forum welcomes ideas for other matters to be discussed on additional platforms. There will also be a Rule and Help board and also an Off-Topic board.  


Neighbourhood plan

Here is some information about our Neighbourhood plan.

The Mayor

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