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HHTC Leader, Cllr Mike Puler, Announces Town Council 2018/19 Budget

Submitted on 14 March 2018 by Maria Horne

Haywards Heath Town Council Budget 2018

Cllr Mike Pulfer, Lead of Haywards Heath Town Council announces the Town Council's 2018/2019 budget as agreed by the Full Council on 29th January 2018.

"Im pleased to announce that the Haywards Heath Town Council for the forthcoming year was agreed by the Full Council on 29th January 2018.

We are fortunate to be able to incorporate the continuation of many current initiatives whilst making provision for some additional new initiatives in this budget.

First and foremost, given the reduction in funding received from higher levels of government, the Town Council will now fully fund the Town's Community Warden.  This pioneering initiative is a first from any Council across the Country and we are delighted to be able to ensure that the great work carried out daily by Fiona, our Community  Warden, continues.  We are also excited about the prospect of facilitating additional events for the Town during the coming year, an environmental project which will see further trees added to our Town and provision made for new amenities such as a new country park, a new cemetery, and new allotments to enhance our Town as it continues to grow.

We are particularly proud that we are able to facilitate the mentioned initiatives whilst maintaining one of the lowest Council tax bills for a Town of our size within the County.

All of the aforementioned will cost the average tax payer an additional £4.10 per annum, equivalent to 34p per month or 8p per week.

Cllr Mike Pulfer

Leader, Haywards Heath Town Council


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